Viticulture and grape vine cultivation (NEW DATE)

viticulture course vineyard cultivation

This one day intensive viticulture course will take place over 2 halves with the first part being class based running through an outline of viticulture and the cultivation of vines and vineyards.  The other part of the day will take place with a visit to a local Peak District vineyard to see the vines on site and run through some of the the areas covered in the earlier session.  In the classroom session we will look to cover off the following subjects:

1. the grape and the genera and species most suitable to growing in a UK climate looking at the different areas of the country and both red and white grape varietals.

2. the importance of climate and soils on the success of your vines and vineyards by exploring how site affects the important issues such as: temperature, sunlight, rainfall and soil compositions (pH, structure, drainage, etc).

3. how to select the correct grape varietal for your vineyard?  What vine to plant and matching these to your site.  The importance of the rootstock and where to purchase your vines.

4. how to establish a new vineyard, vineyard planning; site planning; vineyard layout; site preparation; planting the vines, vine spacing; shelter belts

5. how you care for your vines and vineyard by covering the topics of: pruning, training vines, vine spacing, spraying and pest control as well as how to keep the dreaded weeds at bay.  We also look at irrigation and fertilisers ignorder to keep your vines fed and watered.

6. Finally and importantly we cover the topic of harvesting your grapes looking at how to identify the time to crop your grapes along with harvesting techniques.
This course includes a set of comprehensive notes to take away and help you establish your vineyard or grape vines.

Lunch and also a trip out to a local vineyard is included in the cost.

Course time: 10.00 am to 4.30 pm.

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16-09-2023 £245 Kieron Atkinson No
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