Setting Up A Nanobrewery - Brewing With A Braumeister (SOLD OUT)

braumeister nanobrewery set up speidels course

This is a one day brewing course with a Speidels Braumeister looking at how you take your brewing to a semi-commercial or commercial basis by setting up a nanombrewery.  This essence is that you can brew and sell your beer but not give up your day job or become a full time brewer.  We look  at:

What’s your brewing mission?

We explore what makes a nanobrewery unique and how you can fit in brewing around your existing life and lifestyle and still produce beer commercially.
This is why nanobrewing can be ideal for part time brewers, retirees, brewpubs, restaurants, community projects, wedding & events venues, restaurants.

How much space?

Is it possible to brew beer commercial from my shed or garage? The answer can be yes. Many microbreweries have started out by brewing from their shed. We look at how much space you need to get going and the ideal design for a nanobrewery.

Brewery plant and equipment - what are your options?

Space is often a limiting factor for nanobreweries. We look at the options but focus on the 1 pot system of brewing using a Speidels Braumeister and how you can get brewing for less than £10,000.  We take you through a brew on the day and show you how easy it can be to produce beer using the one pot system and then scale up to a small scale commercial scale.  Other subjects covered:

Equipment (researching which system to use – e.g. size of Braumeister)
Range of machines available
Range of beers suitable for this system
What makes this system unique
Advantages – Consistency and quality control, ease of use, cleaning etc

Taking my brewing commercial

We look in detail at the financial considerations that underpin your business proposition - business plan / startup capital / on going costs and overheads.

It’s all about the ingredients

It’s a cliche but it’s true! Sourcing your raw ingredients to produce your beer and getting the best deals and quality ingredients to make stand out beers.
Killing it with the brand
Company name. Is it registered? Can it be registered?
Design and branding. Labelling must be compliant with Trading Standards.
This leads to registering a website and setting up social media accounts. These all seem better at an early stage as they involve little investment and are best done before the trading name becomes public.
Branding and presentation (bottles, labelling, pricing)

Keeping it legal as a food & drink business!

How to register with HMRC and become familiar with Excise Notice 226
Dealing with Trading Standards
Ensuring your brewing business is compliant with Environmental Health and Food Safety and Hygiene compliant
Perform a HACCP
Dealing with the Local Authority Planning Dept and obtaining the necessary consents

With profits come paperwork!

How to manage your paperwork
Finding software you get on with for accounts and inventory.
Payment terms and conditions.

The secret to any success brewery is SALES , SALES , SALES

Marketing end product

Branding and presentation (bottles, labelling, pricing)

Retail vs wholesale

Customer care, building business relationships

Internet sales

Sources of information

Other areas of study

Other sources of information

Nanobrewery Insurance

Are you looking to start brewing commercially?  Ask our expert brewers about insuring their nanobrewery equipment and what cover you need for your commercial brewery operation.  Have a look at our FREE guide on nanobrewery insurance.

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