Craft Beer Brewing Course with a Grainfather (NEW DATE)

grainfather beer brewing course bakewell

This beer brewing course is a one day all grain course looking at brewing beer on a small scale at home. The course will introduce you to the process of all grain beer brewing looking at the theory as well taking you through the practice of a brew in a single day.

Learn All Grain Brewing at the UKs Leading Brewing School

This beer brewing course is perfect for people who are new to all grain brewing but also owners of the Grainfather system who want to know how to get the maximum from this impressive New Zealand one pot brewing system.

The course is taken by Marvyn White an expert on the Grainfather Brewing System, having been the first person in the UK to start brewing with this fabulous piece of kit.  Having worked in a leading home brew shop Marv will also be able to advise on alternative methods of brewing your beer from the raw ingredients.

On the day Marvyn will take you through through the essentials of producing beer from scratch, the brewing process: the boil, the sparging, the conditioning and bottling and finally the tasting!

Get To Grips With All Grain & The Grainfather

This all grain beer brewing course also aims to show people all the functions of the latest Grainfather to allow brewers new or experienced how to get the most out of this impressive piece of brewing kit. On the day we will do a brew and even show you how you can use the step mashing facility to produce your own Belgian style beer.

For those interested in brewing with the Grainfather one pot brewing system Marvyn will also take you through the following:

  • Setting up the system
  • Recipe development, scaling recipes up and down and calculations based around the Grainfather
  • Liquor treatment for different styles
  • Mangrove Jacks range of yeasts
  • The Grainfather App - working with it
  • Cooling coil usage
  • Sparging
  • Cleaning the system using the Grainfather cleaner
  • Hop utilisation
  • Efficiency of the system and how to get better results

Course times 10.00 - 4:00

This course includes refreshments throughout the day and a hot Fish & Chip meal from a local restaurant.

All notes, equipment and beer recipes are provided by Brew-School.

For more advice and ideas about brewing with a one pot brewing system have a look at Jims Beer Kit a leading homebrewing forum.

Dates Price Tutor Spaces  
07-10-2023 £145 Marvyn White No
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