Cider Making Course (Advanced) - General Certificate of Cider Making (2 day) (NEW 2023)

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On this 2 day cider making course we will follow the syllabus of the General Certificate in Cider Making.

This cider making course is ideal for home cider makers looking at upping their knowledge but also for commercial cider makers looking to take the General Certificate in Cider Making exam or setting up their own cider making business.  The syllabus over the 2 day will cover the following topics.


1. What are apples and their importance in cider making

  • Overview of different kinds of apple cider processing equipment
  • Discussion of apple constituents, chemical and physical and what makes an award winning cider
  • Apple harvesting for cider making and cider production


2. Apple handling and processing for cider production

  • Apple intake for cider making
  • Milling and mashing apples for cider – with overview of cider making equipment
  • Pressing apples, likely  apple juice yields and overview of equipment
  • Apple juice clarification and evaporation.
  • Fresh apple juice preparation for craft cider production – including Keeving


3. What is Cider?

  • How apple juice is made into cider?
  • What are the different cider styles?
  • What does the global cider market look like?


4. Yeast and Fermentation in cider production

  • Cider yeast overview, including nutrition and biochemistry
  • Cider yeast preparation
  • Fermentation control in cider making
  • Cider making and fermentation technology – chillers and pressure tanks
  • Maturation of cider in cider making


5.  Blending and packaging of cider

  • Filtration of cider in cider making
  • Blending and sweetening your cider
  • Duty implications (UK) of non apple additions in cider making
  • Bottling, kegging, canning and Bag in box cider production
  • Sterilisation, pasteurisation, filtration and Velcorin of cider


6. How to measure and control cider quality?

  • What is cider “Quality”?
  • Variability and consistency of your cider
  • Faults in cider making and cider production and their origin
  • Parameters to measure in cider making


7. Compliance in cider making

  • Engineering – cider making equipment and maintenance
  • Environment – effluent and gases in cider production
  • Health and safety in cider production – an overview.
  • Record keeping in cider making

This 2 day intensive cider making course will provide you with a full overview of the commercial cider making production process.  It is aimed at home cider makers looking to set up their own cider making business along with people working or looking to obtain work in the cider making business.  The syllabus is in line with the Institute of Brewing & Distilling General Certificate of Cider Making allowing attendees who successfully sit and pass the exam to otbain an internationally recognised qualification in cider making. Attendees wishing to take the exam need to arrange this with the IBD separately.

The course includes extensive notes on cider making and cider production and lunch on both days.

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Course times : 10.00 am - 16.00 pm 

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30-09-2023 £395 Kieran Aylward No
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