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Brew-School Gifts

Looking for a beer gift?  A beer brewing course can make the ideal brewing gift for the brewer in your life.  Brewing is a fantastic hobby and in the fulness of time it can become the basis of a completely new brewing business and lifestyle. 

Brewing Gift Vouchers

We can provide you with a beer brewing gift voucher for any amount from £5 to £500 or even a personalised brewing gift letter inviting both of which can be booked and paid for online or over the phone and emailed to you the same day.

Covid-19 - Our Guarantee

All our courses take place in Covid Compliant Venue so you can be sure that the recipients of your beer brewing or craft drinks gift will be safeguarded.  We have also extended the life of our Brewing Gift Letters and Brewing Gift Vouchers from 12-24 months guaranteeing that anyone coming on the course will be able to attend & stay safe.

Beer Brewing Courses - ideal gifts

Our beer brewing courses make an ideal beer gift from a one day all craft craft beer brewing course aimed at getting people brewing all grain for the first time.  This beer brewing course will take you through a complete brewday starting with the bag of malt, the hops, water and yeast and showing you the entire brewing process from the weighing out of the Grist to the sparging, the boil in the copper and then the adding of the hops and yeast.  We even show you with a previously brewed beer how to bottle your beer and you get one to take home on the day.  This all grain beer brewing course aims to demystify the entire process and get you brewing.

Brewing with a Grainfather or Speidels Braumeister

If you are thinking of brewing with a Grainfather or Speidels Braumeister we may have the perfect gift of teaching you how to use these impressive one pot bits of brewing kit.  These brewing gifts are ideal if you are thinking of buying a Grainfather or Speidels Braumeister and just want to see how to brew with them up close and understand the basic brewing process.

More advanced beer brewing gifts

Don’t worry if the person in your life has been brewing beer for sometime we also have the perfect brewing gift for them too.  If they are looking at developing their beer brewing skills to another level on our Advance Beer Brewing Course which looks at the fundamental brewing calculations that underpin the brewing process but allow you to then confidently develop and formulate your own award winning beer recipes.  Then have worked on the recipe development you are able to progress to brewing the beer on a small micro brewery in an award winning microbrewery.  This is the perfect gift to all microbrewers developing and than brewing their own beer over a weekend.  A beer brewing gift voucher ...the perfect brewing gift.

Brewing Gift Vouchers

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