Running a pub or bar

How do you set up and run a pub, bar or micropub?  This pub course will take you through all the things you need to consider before you buy or lease a pub/bar/micropub.  Our expert tutor will show you the pitfalls of leasing a pub or bar from the pubcos or breweries and make sure that you do not get caught out.  These Pub School Courses will form the essential template for those looking at creating a pub or bar business plan.  Setting up and running a pub or bar is challenging at the best of times but this pub course will give you the essential insights from an independent pub consultant with over 30 years to help your pub business succeed.

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How To Run A Pub Course - (BEING RESCHEDULED)


Do you want to run your own pub, bar, micropub or brewery tap ? Don't sign a lease without this pub course. This is an essential one day course for you with 3 industry experts giving you unique insights on how to buy and then run your own successful pub or bar. Don't set up a business or sign a lease with a pubco or brewery without it.

Personal Licence Course

Personal Licence Course (LAST 2 PLACES)


This Personal Licence Holders course is a Level 2 nationally recognised qualification designed for anyone authorising the retail sale of alcohol in a licensed premises. The law states that in accordance with The Licensing Act 2003 (England and Wales), anyone who is responsible for the sale of alcohol to the public must be a Personal Licence Holder. A Personal Licence is required by anyone authorising the sale of alcohol from a Licensed Premises. All Licensed Premises must have an allocated Personal Licence Holder, known as the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). The DPS must authorise every sale of alcohol.

Beer Course & Cellar Management (1 day)

Beer Course & Cellar Management (1 day) (SOLD OUT)


This beer course with cellar management is a practical and intensive one day introduction for anybody in the hospitality sector looking to gain the knowledge to talk confidently about beer and serve up a quality product in an efficient and knowledgeable way. It ideal for brewers with a taproom, publicans, bar staff and people looking to enter the hospitality industry.

beer matching and tasting course

Advanced Beer Scholar Course (1 Day)


Brew-School’s one day Beer Scholar course is aimed at up skilling you on global beer styles and flavours and how they are created through the brewing process. It is a practical matching and tasting course with elements of beer tastings and food matching during the day. The Beer Scholar course is an excellent grounding for anyone looking at progressing to become an accredited beer sommelier The course is assessed and successful completion of the course will result in attendees being awarded a Brew-School Advanced Beer Scholar Award with a certificate.

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