A nanobrewery is a small commercial brewery.  There is no specific definition as what size brewery is classified as a nanobrewery but generally it is accepted that it is less than 1.5 bbl or 245 litres.  A nanobrewery can be easily operated by a single brewer.  However, at this scale a nanobrewery is unlikely to generate enough profit on it's own to sustain a full time business or brewing job equivalent.

Duplicate of Setting Up A Nanobrewery - Brewing With A Braumeister (NEW DATE)

Setting Up A Nanobrewery - Brewing With A Braumeister


This is a one day course on how to set up a nanobrewery. Got a garage outhouse and want to look at producing beer commercially on a very small scale brewing kit? The course will be relevant for any brewing equipment but on the day will do focus on using the one pot system of brewing using a Speidels Braumeister. We will also go through a brew on a 20 litre Speidels Braumeister looking at brewing tips and how to scale up.

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