Practical Commercial Distilling Course + Gin Masterclass + Distilling Day (7 days)

Practical Commercial Distilling Course + Gin Masterclass + Distilling Day (7 days) (NEW DATE)


This 7 day distilling course with expert distiller Jamie Baxter will take you through the fundamentals of commercial distilling and then look in detail of how you turn this distilling knowledge into a successful distilling business. Have you ever wanted to have you own craft distilling business - this course will answer all your questions. In addition there is the extra day looking in detail at Gin for those distillers looking at specialising. Followed by a day distiller with a commercial distiller on their 100 ltr craft still.

Duplicate of Distilling An Award Winning Gin In A Weekend (2 Day)

Distilling An Award Winning Gin In A Weekend (2 Day) (NEW DATE)


This 2 day weekend distilling course combines our Gin Masterclass with our new Distilling with a Commercial Distiller course in their own craft distillery in Derbyshire giving unique insights into gin recipe development and how a commercial distiller distills on a small craft distillery.

Duplicate of Duplicate of Advanced Gin Distilling & Tasting Course 18.6

Gin Course - Gin Distilling & Gin Tasting Course (Advanced) - (NEW DATE


This is a one day gin course. A gin distilling masterclass for commercial and home craft gin distillers looking at developing their gin recipes; with an in depth look at gin botanicals and how to produce an award winning gin for sale or home consumption. The course concentrates on gin and looks at it’s history and origins, the essential flavour notes and styles and how to pair gins with the correct tonics. We also have a tutored gin tasting and gin cocktail session exploring how to turn a base gin into stunning show stopping high value gin cocktails.

Distilling With A Distiller

Distilling With A Distiller


This distilling with a Distiller is the ultimate distilling experience for anybody who is interested how a commercial distiller operates their still and distills gin. You will assist and follow David Hemstock as he produces his own small batch gin on his 100 litre still in his commercial still at Dancing Anchor Spirits Distillery and then how he goes on to bottle and label his award winning gin.

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