Duplicate of International Diploma in Spirits and Distilling

Spirits and Distilling -International Diploma (9 days) (SOLD OUT)


This international Diploma in spirits and Practical Commercial Distilling spread over 9 days of study. The course has a number of elements and will potentially give you 2 internationally recognised qualifications: the Brew-School Spirits Sommelier Diploma along with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling's Foundations in Distilling giving you the perfect grounding to start your own distilling business in the UK or abroad.

Spirits Sommelier Course

Spirits Sommelier Course (SOLD OUT)


This one day spirits sommelier course will equip you with the practical understanding to appreciate and converse about some of the leading spirits styles and premium spirit brands. It's an ideal introduction to our distilling courses or as a one day certified course for those in the hospitality sector.

Duplicate of Duplicate of Advanced Gin Distilling & Tasting Course 18.6

Gin Course - Gin Distilling & Gin Tasting Course (Advanced) - (JUST 6 PLACES)


This is a one day gin course. A gin distilling masterclass for commercial and home craft gin distillers looking at developing their gin recipes; with an in depth look at gin botanicals and how to produce an award winning gin for sale or home consumption. The course concentrates on gin and looks at it’s history and origins, the essential flavour notes and styles and how to pair gins with the correct tonics. We also have a tutored gin tasting and gin cocktail session exploring how to turn a base gin into stunning show stopping high value gin cocktails.

Cider Making Course (Advanced) - General Certificate of Cider Making (2 day)

Cider Making Course (Advanced) - General Certificate of Cider Making (2 day) (NEW - 2023)


This Cider Making Course is spread over 2 days is ideal for cider makers looking at up skilling their cider making knowledge either to help them produce high quality at home or to allow them to develop their own cider making business.

Artisan Cider Making Course

Cider Making Course (NEW DATE)


On this cider making course join renowned cider maker Kieran Aylward from the artisan cider making business based in Devon. This cider making course is an ideal introduction for those wanting to just get going or those who wish to share the experience and knowledge of a commercial artisan cider producer.

Duplicate of Duplicate of grainfather date

Craft beer brewing with a Grainfather (NEW DATE)


This is a one day all grain beer brewing course looking at the brewing process using the raw ingredients of hops, malt, yeast & water. In this case we utilise the latest version of the Grainfather one pot brewing system imported from New Zealand.

Duplicate of marv beer brewing

Beer Brewing Course - Craft Beer Brewing (NEW DATE)


Beer, real ale, craft beer what ever you want to call it is one of the true great artisan 'foods'. It's natural, incredibly varied, fantastically tasty and even good for you. Learn how to make the real thing at home from the raw materials with our 'Braumeister'

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