how to buy and run a pub

Pub School - the essentials (NEW DATE)


Have you ambitions of leasing and running your own pub, bar, micropub or brewery tap ? Don't set up or sign a lease without this pub course. This is an essential one day course for you with 3 industry experts giving you unique insights on how to buy and then run your own successful pub or bar. Don't set up a business or sign a lease with a pubco or brewery without it.

Brewing Apprenticeship

Brewing Apprenticeship (COMING 2019)


Beer Brewing Apprenticeships are NEW for 2019. Do you want to work in a microbrewery, get paid and also obtain a meaningful brewing qualification? This is the ideal route into a brewing career with one of the UK’s leading brewing training providers.

Brew An Award Winning Beer (in a weekend) (JUST 2 PLACES LEFT)

Brewing An Award Winning Beer (in a weekend) (JUST 1 PLACE LEFT)


This weekend brewing course is aimed at craft brewers who are looking at deepening their brewing knowledge and skills and then going on to assist to brew an award winning beer on a commercial scale microbrewery.

Exporting your beers & craft drinks

Exporting your beers & craft drinks (NEW COURSE)


This one day course is aimed at Microbreweries and craft drinks producers looking to export their beers and drinks abroad. It will help you to get selling your drinks and beers into the lucrative international markets. It's a one day checklist of how to export your beers looking at the administrative, practical and logistical challenges of selling your beers and drinks abroad.

Setting Up A Nanobrewery - Brewing With A Braumeister (JUST 6 PLACES LEFT)

Setting Up A Nanobrewery - Brewing With A Braumeister (JUST 2 PLACES LEFT)


This is a one day course on how to set up a nanobrewery. Got a garage outhouse and want to look at producing beer commercially on a very small scale brewing kit? The course will be relevant for any brewing equipment but on the day will do focus on using the one pot system of brewing using a Speidels Braumeister. We will also go through a brew on a 20 litre Speidels Braumeister looking at brewing tips and how to scale up.

Setting Up A Microbrewery (2 day) 22nd march

Setting Up A Microbrewery INTRO (2 day) (JUST 3 PLACES)


This 2 day course taster course which forms part of the 4 day includes a full day learning about the practical essentials of setting up your own microbrewery. On the second day you look in detail at the design and finance of building your own microbrewery together with the underlying figures that make the business work. It is ideal taster for those people who are setting up their own microbrewery now or have ambitions to do it sometime in the future.

Duplicate of Duplicate of setting up a micro

Beer Brewing & Setting Up My Own Microbrewery SCIENCE EXTRA Course (5 Day) (3 PLACES)


This 5 day course includes a full day hands on course learning the essentials of all grain brewing, and further day about the practical essentials of setting up your own microbrewery. On the third day you visit an existing microbrewery and gain first hand the experience form the owner on the pitfalls & opportunities of being your 'own brewery boss'! Finally we focus in detail on the design of your microbrewery and the finance options open to you. It is ideal for those people who are setting up their own microbrewery now or have ambitions to do it sometime in the future.

Ultimate Brewing Weekend (NEW COURSE FOR 2019)

Ultimate Brewing Weekend (NEW COURSE FOR 2019)


This is the ultimate beer brewing weekend for brewers who want to experience all grain beer brewing beginning with the practicalities of the all grain beer brewing process to then go on to discover the molecular aspects of the science of brewing. Get to grips with understanding which molecules are so critical in the brewing process and the production of beer and contribute to the flavour profile that create such distinctive and different tasting beers.

Practical Commercial Distilling Course

Practical Commercial Distilling Course (5 days)- (SOLD OUT) NEW DATE - 16 SEPT


This 5 day distilling course with expert distiller Jamie Baxter will take you through the fundamentals of commercial distilling and then look in detail of how you turn this distilling knowledge into a successful distilling business. Have you ever wanted to have you own craft distilling business - this course will answer all your questions.

Distilling Fundamentals Course

Distilling Fundamentals Course (4 days) (SOLD OUT)


This distilling course is one of the few distilling courses in the uk and will give you the theoretical and practical knowledge to get distilling on a commercial scale as well as gaining an essential understanding of the distilling process if you are looking at working within the drinks or distilling world. The distilling course follows the Syllabus produced by the Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) and equips you to go on and sit their distilling exams and obtain their Fundamentals in Distilling Qualification.

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