Brewing with a Braumeister

Beer brewing experience day

Our beer brewing experience day will show you what it's like working in a microbrewery.    Watch and assist the beer brewers add in the liquor, malted barley, hops as the brewing ingredients and get the mash on during this beer brewing experience day.  The professional beer brewers will be on hand along with our expert brewing tutors to share the details of their brewday and what's it really like to work in a commercail brewery. 

Experience brewing in the raw on a commercial brewday at an award winning microbrewery.

Why not combine the brewday with our advanced beer brewing course to make the ultimate beer brewing experience and lean how to make an award winning beer in a weekend.

Advanced brewing skills

General certificate in brewing

The General Certificate in Brewing courses will teach to the syllabus provided by the Institute of Brewing & Distilling equiping attendees with the knowledge to sit the General Certificate in Brewing examination that takes place twice a year.  This 5 day course will go wider than the GCB course requires taking students to microbreweries to see the brewing process in action and enabling them to see and interact with brewers working in the microbrewery sector.

Practical commercial brewing

Our range of 5/7 & 8 day Practical Commercial Brewing Courses aim to upskill brewers that are either looking at getting into the world of commercial brewing to work all to set up their own small scale commercial brewery.  The course is also ideal for people working in the brewing sector who want to understand more fully how the brewing process works in small and larger breweries so that they can engage more meaningfully with their brewing clients or customers.  These brewing courses will all teach to and beyond the most up to date syllabus of the IBD General Certificate in Brewing Qualification allowing participants to go on with confidence and take the exam but with the benefit of the experience of 3 Masterbrewers and a relax but interactive brewing experience giving attendees a unique insight into the world and processes of commercial brewing.

Brewing training

Brewing training is provided by Brew-School in a series of brewing courses specifically our 5 day full time General Certificate in Brewing Course teaching to the internationally recognised qualification provided by the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.  We are happy to work with brewing training providers and organisations to put together bespoke brewing training packages.

Beer Brewing Course

Brew-School is now one of the UK's largest provider of beer brewing courses providing a whole selection of beer brewing courses from one day craft beer brewing courses to a 7 day Practical Commercial Brewing Course teaching to the internationally recognised qualification the General Certificate in Brewing along with Advanced Brewing Skills and practical experience of Brewing with a Brewer.

Personal Licence Course

Personal Licence Course


This Personal Licence Holders course is a Level 2 nationally recognised qualification designed for anyone authorising the retail sale of alcohol in a licensed premises. The law states that in accordance with The Licensing Act 2003 (England and Wales), anyone who is responsible for the sale of alcohol to the public must be a Personal Licence Holder. A Personal Licence is required by anyone authorising the sale of alcohol from a Licensed Premises. All Licensed Premises must have an allocated Personal Licence Holder, known as the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). The DPS must authorise every sale of alcohol.

Brewing Apprenticeship

Brewing Apprenticeship (COMING 2020)


Beer Brewing Apprenticeships are NEW for 2019. Do you want a job in a microbrewery, get paid and also obtain a meaningful brewing qualification? This is the ideal route into a brewing job and career with one of the UK’s leading brewing training providers.

Exporting your beers & craft drinks (COMING SOON - EMAIL TO REGISTER INTEREST)

Exporting your beers & craft drinks (COMING SOON .EMAIL TO REGISTER INTEREST)


This one day course is aimed at Microbreweries and craft drinks producers looking to export their beers and drinks abroad. It will help you to get selling your drinks and beers into the lucrative international markets. It's a one day checklist of how to export your beers looking at the administrative, practical and logistical challenges of selling your beers and drinks abroad.

Artisan Cider Making Course

Cider Making Course (JUST 6 PLACES LEFT)


Learn how to make artisan cider. The proper stuff with real apples! This one day cider making course will take you through all the essential steps to allow you to make your own cider at home with basic equipment.

Duplicate of marv beer brewing

Beer Brewing Course - Craft Beer Brewing (SOLD OUT)


Beer, real ale, craft beer what ever you want to call it is one of the true great artisan 'foods'. It's natural, incredibly varied, fantastically tasty and even good for you. Learn how to make the real thing at home from the raw materials with our 'Braumeister'

Duplicate of grainfather date

Craft beer brewing course with a Grainfather (JUST 8 PLACES LEFT)


This is a one day all grain beer brewing course looking at the brewing process using the raw ingredients of hops, malt, yeast & water. In this case we utilise the latest version of the Grainfather one pot brewing system imported from New Zealand.

Practical Commercial Brewing Course (GCB) Brewing Skills + Brewday & Beer Brewing Science

Practical Commercial Brewing Course (GCB) Brewing Skills + Brewday & Beer Brewing Science (8 days) (JUST 6 PLACES LEFT)


This our most comprehensive commercial brewing course incorporating our GCB training and advanced brewing skills & brewday with a unique insight in brewing at a molecular level giving unique insights into the flavour profile and compounds of beer production.

Practical Commercial Brewing (GCB), Brewing Skills & Brewday (7 Days) (JUST 6 PLACES LEFT)

Practical Commercial Brewing (GCB), Brewing Skills & Brewday (7 Day) (JUST 6 PLACES LEFT)


This is a 7 day commercial brewing course incorporating 3 elements: The General Certificate in Brewing Course, an Advanced Brewing Skills Course (recipe development) & then a Commercial Brewday working alongside a brewer in an award winning Microbrewery on the Chatsworth Estate.

Duplicate of Practical Commercial Brewing Course (GCB) (5 Day) (NEW DATE)

Practical Commercial Brewing Course (GCB) (5 Day) (JUST 6 PLACES LEFT)


This 5 day course on commercial brewing will give you the theoretical and practical knowledge (through visits to microbreweries and observing a brew) to consider brewing on a commercial scale or to work in a brewing role within a microbrewery. The course will cover the subject matter for the internationally recognised qualification the General Certificate in Brewing (GCB) from the Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD). This very popular brewing course is Ideal for enthusiastic home brewers or those who are considering brewing as a profession or as a new business opportunity.

Brew An Award Winning Beer (in a weekend) (JUST 2 PLACES LEFT)

Brewing An Award Winning Beer (in a weekend) (JUST 6 PLACES LEFT)


This weekend brewing course is aimed at craft brewers who are looking at deepening their brewing knowledge and skills and then going on to assist to brew an award winning beer on a commercial scale microbrewery.

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