Ultimate Brewing Weekend (NEW COURSE FOR 2019)

ultimate brewing course weekend beer brewing

This weekend beer brewing course is ideal for brewers across the spectrum looking to refresh and then up skill their brewing alongside their technical brewing knowledge over a weekend.  It consists of 2 very different days of brewing.  

The first brewing day is a practical hands on day where we take you through the brewing process starting in the morning with the raw ingredients of the malt, hops, water and yeast.  Over the day we show you how the brewing process can transform the raw ingredients into ‘green beer’ prior to the fermentation process.  We then show you how you can bottle your beer ready for drinking and you then get to take back a prized bottle of Brew School bottled conditioned beer to sample at your leisure.

The course consists of a one day all grain beer brewing course in which are expert brewing tutor Tom Newman will take you through all the essentials of an all grain beer brewing day relating it back to his experience as a homebrewer who has then gone on to set up multiple craft microbreweries.

On the second brewing day we look in depth with Professor Danny Allwood at the chemistry and the chemical flavour compounds released during the brewing process and how they effect the flavours in your beer.  This is a theory based day but for advanced brewers and those who want to get to grips with the chemistry of brewing compounds it is enlightening and fascinating to discover beer and brewing at the molecular level.

We then go on to examine the biology of yeast and yeast production to see how this organism is so critical in the brewing process and the production of quality beer.

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