Sour Beer Brewing Course & Speciality Beers (SOLD OUT - NEW DATE FOR AUTUMN )

speciality beer brewing course

This one day sour beer brewing masterclass with Tom Newman, advocate of craft beer, microbrewer, drinks consultant and beer sommelier.  On the day we will look at 3 speciality beer styles and how to reproduce them either at home or potentially commercially in a microbrewery.

Sour beer brewing

Tom has been producing award winning sour beer styles through his brewery Lines Brew Co for several years.
As part of this beer brewing course we will look at how you produce sour beers, different sour beer styles and then the essential skills of ageing and blending your sour beers.

On the sour beer brewing element of the course you will be taken though:

  •  Ingredients
  •  Using bacteria safely in a brewing environment
  •  Recipe formulation
  •  Kettle souring of beer
  •  Brewing: style Berliner Weiss (kettle soured)
  •  Flavour analysis
  •  Looking at how to produce other soured beer styles - lambic beer, belgium beer, wild beers
  •  Blending sour beers

Low and no alcohol beer brewing

The interest in low alcohol under 1.5% of abv and no alcohol beers is massive at the moment. The challenge for home brewers and increasingly microbreweries is to be able to produce engaging and tasty beers with less or no alcohol.  Not impossible but the brewing challenges are great.
Tom will lead you through the tricks and skills you need to brew this style of beers including a section on how to develop your recipes for these beers that leave them big on flavour but light on alcohol. 

In the United Kingdom, the following definitions apply by law:

  • No alcohol or alcohol-free: not more than 0.05% ABV
  • Dealcoholized: over 0.05% but less than 0.5% ABV
  • Low-alcohol: not more than 1.2% ABV
  • ABVs vary throughout the world so if exporting will have to know each countries requirements
How to control the alcohol left in your beer
  • Evaporating alcohol from fermented beer
  • How priming sugars affect low or no alcohol beer
  • Which styles of beer make the best low or no alcohol beer

Gluten free beer brewing 

The range of gluten free beers has expanded over the last 5 years and we look to discuss the various options of gluten free beer production.
We look at the need to source gluten free brewing ingredients such as sorghum and yeasts as well as how to boost your beer flavours with dry hopping with flavour packed hops.
We also look at the problems of gluten free beer production compared to gluten reduced.

With the Gluten Free Beer element we will look at:

  • a look at alternative grains which are gluten free and can be used to brew beer - corn, rice, sorghum, buckwheat, millet and quinoa

  • gluten free sorghum extract readily available to home brewers

    marketing commercial gluten free beer
  • getting accredited by the coeliac society

Vegan Beer Brewing

Mainly about not using Isinglass finings and making sure there are no other animal products so looking at:

  • Alternative finings - are they as good as isinglass?

  • Centrifuge system instead of finings
Anything else in the beer which makes it not vegan? If so, what alternative would you use?

  • How to get accredited by the Vegan Society

  • Marketing vegan beer as a plus factor

Course times 10.00 - 4:00
This course includes refreshments throughout the day and an artisan Peak District lunch.

All notes, equipment and recipes are provided by Brew-School.

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