Practical Commercial Brewing (GCB), Brewing Skills & Brewday (7 Day)

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This 7 day intensive brewing course combines 3 essential elements for those looking to study for a commercial brewing qualification and also provides some practical hands on brewing experience in an award winning microbrewery on the Chatsworth Estate.


1. General Certificate Qualification (5 days)


The first 5 days of the course covers the theory of commercial brewing practice by covering the syllabus set out by the Institute in Brewwing & Distilling's (IBD) General Certificate in Brewing (GCB).  This course will be taught by a number of brewing professionals and consultants many who are working in or own their own microbrewery.  It also invovles a visit to a microbrewery where we will relate the theory and practice of brewing on a microbrewery scale.  The study material will allow students to go on and sit the exams for this internationally recognised qualification if they wish.  Exams are in May and September and candidates will need to register directly with the IBD.


2. Advanced Brewing Skills and Techniques (1 day)


This day we will look at more advanced brewing skills with a leading microbrewer looking at recipe formulation and the essential elements of advanced brewing in a group setting.  The course will also look at the essential calcualtions that are used in practical brewing within microbreweries and ultimately enable you to formulate your own award winning beer.  It is also a helpful recap on some of the concepts and themes explored in the first 5 days.


3. Brewday with a Brewer (1 day)


On this final day you will take the experience and theory you have gained over the previous 6 days and assist a brewer to brew the beer on a 1.5 bbl microbrewery set on the Chatsworth Estate on this brew with a brewer brewing day.  In addition to the commercial brewing we will also look at the science of brewing on this commercial plant.

All documents and information is provided by Brew-School along with an artisan lunch on each of the 7 days.






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