Distilling With A Distiller (JUST 6 PLACES)

Distilling course gin course distillery

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a distiller working in a craft gin distillery?

Are you curious to see how gin is distilled in a commercial distillery? Are you thinking of setting up your own distillery distilling rum, vodka or other spirits or work in one in the future?  If so, this is an ideal and fascinating taster session.

Distilling with a distiller

On this unique one day distilling experience day working alongside a commercial distiller in an award winning distillery  you will get unrivalled insights into the distilling process on a 100 litre DES still in a commercial craft distillery.

Work in a distillery alongside a distiller

On the day you start by setting up the still ready for a distillation. 

David will instruct you fully on all the necessary safety step and precautions that you need to be aware of in distilling using your 96% Alchohol neutral grain spirit (NGS) to ensure that you can distill safely.

You will assist David Hemstock the head distiller in selecting the key botanicals to go into the small batch run of gin.  Having loaded up the still ready for the distillation David will guide you through the key points in the process.  You will assist him in his distilling run and he shows you the keys techniques of making the cuts for the heads and tails to ensure that the perfect smooth gin is extracted from the distilling process. 

Following the production of your own craft gin you will assist David in bottling and labelling your own commerically produced bottle of small batch craft gin. During this time we will take the opportunity to have the odd distillers break and look at the distilling process in more detail.

We will look at the various botanicals and option to enable you to flavour and produce commercially your own craft gin. During this gin distilling experience day there will be plenty of opportunities to question the head distiller about life as a professional distiller.

A unique day as a commercial craft distiller

As part of the days gin distilling experience you will receive:

  • notes of the commercial distilling process provided by Brew-School
  • a hand labelled bottle of craft gin produced on the day
  • expert tuition from a commercial distiller on the distilling process in a craft distillery
  • lunch & refreshments during the day

This experience is an unrivalled and fascinating insight into the world of a commercial distiller.

Course notes to be provided by Brew-School

Course times 9.00 - 4-30

This distilling day can also be customised for groups or corporates who are looking at creating a fun and unique informative team building experience.  Please contact Brew-School for details.

Are you looking at refining your distilling skills & developing your own award winning distilled spirit?

Are you thinking of setting up a craft distillery?

Join the Discussion on Distilling Set Up

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