Distilling Fundamentals Course (4 days) (SOLD OUT)

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This distiliing course will take you through all the essentials of distilling so you gain an understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of small batch commercial distilling whether it's for gin or any other craft spirit. Have you ever wondered how to make gin commercially?  This distilling course is suitable for people looking to enter the craft distilling business, set up their own craft distillery or improve their employment prospects in the craft drinks sector.

Over the 4 day distilling course we will cover:

Overview and Glossary  - a look at the main distilling terms such as the definition of Gin                             
Raw Materials of the Principal Potable Spirits - these provide the fermentable sugars for yeast to convert into the all important alcohol                 
Fermentation Theory - how to construct and operate fermentation vessels       
Fermentation Technology                             
Fundamentals of Distillation  - the basic principles of distilling                

Distillation Technology – Batch and Continuous                           
Specific Production Details for Different Distilled Spirits                       
Maturation and Blending
Distillery Co-Products
Quality Management Systems
Quality - Process Control
Quality – Flavour
Quality – Hygiene and Cleaning Systems
Plant Maintenance 
Health and Safety
Distilling and the Environment

Setting up an artisan commercial distilling business:

As well as the 4 day in depth look at craft distilling we will have a number of trips to a local craft distillery to see how their craft distillery has been set up and works.  Jamie Baxter will work through a distillation looking in detail at the process.  We will also conduct tasting sessions and look at how the distilling process can be used to produce specific craft spirits such as gin, rum, etc.

Some of the other topics that will be discussed and explored as part of this distilling course are:

The size of your potential distillery.  Jamie will explore what size will make your distilling operation profitable and deliver the best returns for your distilling business in trading off the amount capital investment versus the economies of scale from larger production runs.

During the 4 day distilling course we will look in brief at the licences required to distill spirits legally although this subject will be covered in more detail by the Distilling Setup Course.

Do you have funding in place for your craft distillery or is this something that you are still exploring options.  How big a premises do you require to accommodate your distillery.  We will touch on the costs involved in setup, the types of premises which make ideal distilleries and you can fund your initial set up operation.

Once you have the skills necessary for the distillation and production of your craft spirits then an essential element is being able to differentiate your products from the competition by the branding, packaging and marketing of your craft distilled spirits.

The course takes place each day from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

All notes are included.

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