Cider Making Course (NEW DATE)

cider making course

This cider making course is an ideal one day introduction to the skills and techniques of artisan cider making with expert cider maker Kieran Aylward.  Kieran is a consultant cider maker.  His mission is to make the finest natural cider produced from a carefully selected range of apples and then pressed by hand.

On this cider making course Kieran will take you all the essential steps of how to produce your own artisan cider at home on a small scale but also useful insights on how you can turn a hobby of artisan cider production into a thriving business.  This one day course in cider making is an ideal hands on introduction to the art of artisan cider making as well as being the first day of a 2 day course covering all the essentials laid out in the weekend General Certificate in Cider Making Course giving you the core knowledge to take the exam (exam dates and costs will need to be booked separately with the IBD).

During the cider making day you will be taken through all the stages of artisan cider production going through:

  • Types of apples for your cider
  • What to use and look for in your apples
  • Review of cider apple crushers and presses
  • Cider recipe formulation
  • Fermentation and yeast
  • Bottling and production of your cider
  • Useful references and literature in cider making

Course times: 10 - 4 pm

This cider making course includes extensive handouts to take away, refreshments and lunch.

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Interested in taking a cider making qualification or setting up a cider making a business have a look at our advanced cider making course (General Certificate in Cider Making)

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30-09-2023 £165 Kieran Aylward No
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