Beer Brewing Science (1 day) - 'Molecular Brewing' (JUST 6 PLACES)

Brewing science course molecules

This is a full day brewing course looking at beer brewing at the molecular level and the science of brewing with two experts in their field.


This beer brewing course is ideal for commercial and amateur brewers alike who need to bridge the gap between understanding the chemical and biological science aspects of brewing and how this relates to the individual molecules and flavour compounds found in beer and created as part of the brewing process.  We seek to help brewers bridge the gap between pure science and practical brewing in a fun and engaging way.


The day is split into two sections.


The first session looks in depth at the chemistry behind the brewing process.


Dr Daniel Allwood is a organic chemist and keen homebrewer who now lectures within the School of Bio-Chemistry at Sheffield Hallam University. He brings the science of brewing alive in a practical and dynamic way looking at:

  • The common chemical compounds in brewing
  • The molecular process and chemistry of brewing
  • Importance of mash temperatures and hop molecules, including hop oils and alpha acids
  • Water chemistry and the science of water treatments
  • What compounds in beer create the unique flavour styles of different beers and they can be effected by temperature and the brewing process
  • “Off-flavours” in beer, prevention and removal

In the second part of the course we look in detail at the underlying biology of the brewing process exploring:

  • Yeast strain selection
  • Genetics of yeast strains
  • The storage and handling of yeast
  • Testing & quality assurance in a modern microbrewery

This course considers the occurrence, frequency, biology and detection of the micro-organisms that are associated with the spoilage of the brewing process from raw materials to final product. The impact of contamination on process and final product quality will be considered.


All handouts, refreshments and lunch are included.


Course time: 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Dates Price Tutor Spaces  
19-10-2023 £195 Danny Allwood No
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