Brewing Apprenticeship (COMING 2020)

brewing apprenticeship

Brewing Apprenticeships are new for 2019.  This Level 4 qualification will allow you to train and work in a brewery whilst obtaining the technical and brewing knowledge to get a brewing job and become a skilled beer brewer.

The brewing apprenticeship is expected to last between 12-18 month and during this time you will be paid whilst you work in the brewery.

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Should I do a brewing apprenticeship?

There are a number of attractions of taking a brewing apprenticeship, namely you will get paid as you train in the brewery as well as receiving on the job training as a brewer.  There are a number of apprenticeships so you should be clear of what level training you require.  A level 4 brewing apprenticeship would give you a foundation degree level based qualification

There are lower level apprenticeships such as a level 2 training.  The advantage of these qualification are they are shorter 12 month as a posed to a minimum of 18 months for the level 4.  The problem to a degree with brewing apprenticeships is that there is no one standard and that can be confusing for employers.  Also, a brewing apprenticeship can last for over 18 months which means you are locked in working for one brewery for that time in order to complete your apprenticeship.  The other downside is that brewing apprenticeship is a standard with no real international recognition meaning that whilst the brewing skills maybe transferrable the qualification is not necessarily recognised abroad.  However, it may be helpful in securing a brewing job.

Brewing Skills Required

Brewing is a practical based profession.  To be a brewer particularly in a small microbrewery when there are only going to be a small number of staff (probably less than 10) means that when you start you will probably get involved in a lot of the hands on cleaning and menial tasks plus anything else that needs doing.  To be employable in the microbrewery means having an element of practical skills and being prepared to roll your sleeves up and getting involved in the the day to day jobs in the brewery.  This is the case even if you highly qualified academically with a science or even a brewing degree.

Alternatives To A Brewing Apprencticeship

The institute of Brewing and Distilling has an internationally recognised brewing qualification called the General Certificate in Brewing.  This brewing qualification will allow you to obtain employment abroad and is the equivalent of a brewing A-Level.  Some employers will sponsor and pay for their brewers to study for and sit the exam.  The advantages of the General Certificate is that it doesn’t require you to complete a long period of on the job brewing training (although practical experience working in a brewery is helpful for studying for the course and taking the brewing exams).  The studying for this brewing qualification can be taking in a week and then the exams for the IBD GCB taken at one sitting which lasts 3 hours.

During the brewing apprenticeship you will work in a brewery but also spend block release at Brew-School one of the UK's leading providers of brewing education.

To see a full apprenticeship standard for a brewer follow the link.

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Brew-School has launched it's own brewing jobs board. If you are brewer looking for new employment or are brewery or microbrewery looking at employing a brewing trainee or fully qualified brewer then:

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