Advanced Brewing Skills & Techniques (JUST 5 PLACES)

advanced homebrewing course


Advanced Brewing Course


On this one day brewing skills and techniques course let expert brewer Alex Barlow from award winning Triple Point Brewing take you through the brewing process in more detail looking at some of the brewing calculations, recipe formulation, water treatments and other factors that influence the brew and your beer.

Alex Head Brewer uses his scientific and practical understanding as a Master Brewer.  This will include looking at producing lagers, wheat beers and infused beers flavoured using adjuncts.


Upskill Your Brewing Knowledge


This course is ideal for junior brewers looking to go on and take the Practical Commercial Brewing Course or for home brewers looking to deepen their understanding of brewing calculations, and recipe formulations. It is also an ideal course for those who are looking to set up their own microbrewery now or in the future and are looking at developing their own range of beers but do not have a brewing background or training.

On the day we will also take you how you flavour your beer with adjuncts such as orange, coriander, wheat.


Brewing Topics Covered


Expertbrewing tutor Alex Barlow  will cover a number of the following topics on the day:

  • Brewing Process

  • Brewing Water

  • Composition of Grain and Malting

  • Specialty Malts and Adjuncts/Cereals

  • Hops and Other Herbs

  • Brewing Calculations and Recipe

  • Recipe formulation

  • Milling and Adjunct Preparation

  • Enzymes in Brewing

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • Mashing, Sparging and Lautering

  • Wort Boiling and Clarification

  • Wort Cooling and Aeration

  • Nature of Yeast and Yeast selection

  • Yeast Handling and Fermentation

  • Practices

  • Maturation and Aging

  • Clarification and Filtration

  • Carbonation / Air Exclusion

  • In-package Conditioning

  • Basic Home Draught Systems

  • Sensory Evaluation


This course is aimed at homebrewers who have brewed all grain before but are looking at upskilling to produce their own recipes and require a greater understanding of the brewing process possibly prior to small scale commercialisation of their brewing skills.

View a short video of one of recent Advanced Brewing Skills day.


Dates Price Tutor Spaces  
14-10-2023 £195 Alex Barlow No
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