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Brew-School holds a range of inspirational courses for all grain beer brewers to brewers looking at setting up their own microbrewery.  Get inspired today:

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setting up a micro 21st Sep

Setting Up My Own Microbrewery and Beer Brewing Course (4 day course)


This four day course includes a full day hands on course learning the essentials of all grain brewing, and further day about the practical essentials of setting up your own microbrewery. On the third day you visit an existing microbrewery and gain first hand the experience form the owner on the pitfalls & opportunities of being your 'own brewery boss'! Finally we focus in detail on the design of your microbrewery and the finance options open to you. It is ideal for those people who are setting up their own microbrewery now or have ambitions to do it sometime in the future.

beer tom 11.6

Beer Brewing Course - Craft Beer Brewing (SOLD OUT)


Beer, real ale, craft beer what ever you want to call it is one of the true great artisan 'foods'. It's natural, incredibly varied, fantastically tasty and even good for you. Learn how to make the real thing at home from the raw materials with our 'Braumeister'

Duplicate of Duplicate of certificate in brewing

Practical Commercial Brewing Course (GCB) (5 Days) (Just 6 places left)


This 5 day course on commercial brewing will give you the theoretical and practical knowledge (through visits to microbreweries and assisting them on a brew) to consider brewing on a commercial scale or to work in a brewing role within a microbrewery. The course will cover the subject matter for the internationally recognised qualification the General Certificate in Brewing (GCB) from the Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD). This very popular brewing course is Ideal for enthusiastic home brewers or those who are considering brewing as a profession or as a new business opportunity.

pcb and bts

Commercial Brewing (GCB) & Brewing Skills (6 Day)


This 6 day Commercial Brewing Course combines the 5 day Commercial Brewing Course with a one day Advanced Brewing Skills and Techniques Course looking at recipe development and how to brew an award winning beer.

Duplicate of Advanced Homebrewing Course

Advanced Brewing Skills & Techniques


A one day intensive brewing course aimed at brewers who want to increase their knowledge beyond basic all grain beer brewing to look at recipe formulation and refining their brewing techniques with a greater understanding of the brewing process.

how to buy and run a pub

Pub School - the essentials (JUST 6 PLACES LEFT)


Have you ambitions of leasing and running your own pub or bar? Don't sign a lease without it. This is an essential one day course for you with 3 industry experts giving you unique insights on how to buy and then run your own successful pub or bar. Don't set up a business or sign a lease with a pubco or brewery without it.

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Craft beer brewing course with a Grainfather


This is a one day all grain beer brewing course looking at the brewing process using the raw ingredients of hops, malt, yeast & water. In this case we utilise the latest version of the Grainfather one pot brewing system imported from New Zealand. You can also collect the latest version of your pre-ordered Grainfather from Brew-School for a price beating £625.

sour beer

Sour Beer Brewing Masterclass (NEW COURSE FOR 2017)


This sour beer brewing course on how to produce sour beers is a modern masterclass with Tom Newman former headbrewer at the Celt Brewing Experience and now owner of Lines Brewing Co. It is aimed at both home and commercial brewers looking to produce outstanding sour beers.

Beer bottling, packaging & marketing

Beer Bottling, Marketing & Packaging (NEW)


Let our band of brewing, bottling and marketing experts reveal some invaluable tips on how to create a winning beer brand and the technical challenges of getting your beer into multiple packaging formats and then how you can market your beers to stand out in an increasingly crowded beer market place.

Beer brewing course bristol

Beer Brewing Course - Craft Beer Brewing (COURSE TAKES PLACE IN BRISTOL) - Brew-School on Tour


Beer, real ale, craft beer what ever you want to call it is one of the true great artisan 'foods'. It's natural, incredibly varied, fantastically tasty and even good for you. Learn how to make the real thing at home from the raw materials with our 'Braumeister' Tom Newman who returns to BRISTOL and his native West Country.

Artisan cider making course

Artisan cider making course (NEW DATE COMING SHORTLY)


Learn how to make artisan cider. The proper stuff with real apples! This one day cider making course will take you through all the essential steps to allow you to make your own cider at home with basic equipment.

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